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The year the Benetti journey began

Lorenzo Benetti (1844-1914) purchases the Cantiere Darsena Lucca and founds the Benetti Shipyard. Almost 40 years later, his sons Gino and Emilio take over the family business.

The era of the Best Barque sailing ships

In over 30 years Lorenzo Benetti launches more than 30 vessels, including: 5 schooners, 3 tartanes, 13 brigantine-schooners, 8 “navicelli” boats and 3 cutters.

The launch of the “Varese” battleship

The majestic shipyards in Livorno attract artists such as the Lumière brothers, who film a ship launch on the premises for the first time in the history of cinema.

The Mediterranean’s largest vessel

With a length of 51 meters, the St. George is the largest sailing ship to date. In 1952 she is transformed into a training ship for Navy helmsman students. Today she can be seen on display at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

A steel-hulled diesel vessel pioneer

Constructed by the sons of Emilio Benetti, Maurizio and Bertani, Maria is a ground-breaking steel vessel equipped with diesel engines used for the very first time in history.

The shift from wood to steel

With the successful debut of the first steel luxury motor yacht, Benetti accomplishes a new construction standard, combining comfort, technology, and superior quality. A winning formula that will charm the noble elite, giving the company iconic status.

Welcome Gabbiano 22M

Following the launch of its first luxury motor yacht Benetti introduces the Gabbiano 22M, which will captivate the attention of personalities as prestigious as Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Grace Kelly.

The noteworthy M/Y El Caran

Chosen by rockstar David Bowie, El Caran is a 39-meter-long classic beauty with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure distinguished by a canoe stern design.

The launch of the extra-luxurious M/Y Nabila

With a length of 86 meters for Saudi businessman Adnan Khashoggi, Nabila is the first and largest gigayacht ever built at the time.

A memorable cinematic moment

Showing off her spectacular beauty in different scenes, Nabila appears in the James Bond film starring Sean Connery, “Never Say Never Again”.

The Azimut | Benetti Group is born

The founder of Azimut Yachts, Paolo Vitelli, acquires Benetti, an event that marks the beginning of a new era for the prestigious Italian shipyard. The Azimut | Benetti Group will go on to become the world’s most extensive yacht and megayacht network.

The song “Khashoggi’s Ship” by Queen

Inspired by the legendary parties he attended on board Nabila, Freddie Mercury writes a song that contributes to making her famous worldwide: “And then we took a holiday on Khashoggi’s ship – well, we really had a good good time they was all so sexy, we was bad, we was blitzed, all in all it was a pretty good trip”.

Amplifying production, empowering the group

Benetti expands its production facilities by acquiring the renowned “Fratelli Orlando Shipyard” in Livorno. Founded in 1866, during its years of activity it supervised the launches of hundreds of warships, commercial ships, and ferries. The House of Yachting is born.

A hub for the production of gigayachts

The creation of a building hub dedicated to the construction of gigayachts over 80 meters is a bold initiative for Benetti. A real turning point in its history and an important milestone for its future.

Oasis Deck™, a sea-immersive experience

A true lifestyle concept to be at one with the ocean, the Oasis Deck™ featured on the Oasis 40M is an unprecedented nautical design concept developed by Benetti with RWD. It is a huge success and an iconic element that will define the future of its shipbuilding through yachts such as the Oasis 34M and the B.Now line.

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