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Nowadays, climate change is the greatest challenge. Driven by this awareness, Benetti works to help employ technology that strives for eco-friendliness, and also to improve the quality and the comfort of the cruising experience. The hybrid propulsion system conceived for the FB272 Giga yacht, with diesel-electric engines and two Azipods propulsion units connected to a particular battery pack, has been designed for a silent and vibration-free routing with a responsible approach to energy choices, because it leads to a successful decrease of the consumption during the whole life cycle of the yacht.

Auxiliary propulsion system with electric engines
working in parallel with main diesel engines.
Enhanced Comfort Mode
The yacht can sail in electric mode at low speed with diesel engines switched off. The diesel gensets supply energy to the electric motors. The back-up of batteries is useful to manage the electric load and peaks of hotel, propulsion and stabilization systems. The feature of this mode is the high level of comfort: the main engines are switched off.
The mode is useful for costal cruise or for night cruise at low speed.
Extended Range Mode
The yacht is able to sail at full-cruise speed with the gensets switched off. The energy source for the hotel and navigation loads are the electric motors. In this mode the electric motors work as shaft generators. They are powered by the main engines. The back-up of batteries is useful to manage the electric load variations and peaks. The main advantages of this mode are the important fuel saving and the reduction of running hours for the gensets.
The mode is useful for long transfer in order to save fuel and to extend the range of the yacht.
Eco Cruise Mode
The yacht can sail at “Zero emission”.
In this mode the batteries supply energy to the electric motors and to the hotel.
The range of this mode depends on the capacity of battery pack.
Eco Transfer Mode
The boat can sail at eco-cruise speed with just one diesel engine running. The main advantage of this mode is the 50% reduction of running hours of the main engines and gensets (alternate working time) in additional to a sensible fuel reduction. The fuel consumption can be reduced up to 15% in comparison to the navigation at the same speed with main engines and diesel gensets running.
The mode is useful for long transfer with only crew on board.
Plug-in architecture (easy configuration and low complexity).
Safety and high level of redundancy: Yacht can sail with only one main engine running. The main engines could provide energy as gensets.
Fuel saving up to 15% at certain function modes.
Range extended due to the fuel saving and increase of operating hours of endothermic engines.
Extended service intervals for main engines and for gensets
Energy peak sharing thanks to the batteries in parallel to gensets.
No black-out in case of extra request of energy thanks to the batteries in parallel to gensets.
Comfort enhanced: energy supply from the batteries at night time (Hotel mode included).
Sustainability through Power Management: transitory excess of energy stored in the batteries and recovered to sail and live the yacht in Zero Emission Mode.

Our commitment for a cleaner ocean is our legacy for future generations. There has to be a pact of mutual respect between cruise lovers and the ocean. For this reason, a reduced environmental impact during navigation has become a crucial principle to keep in mind. Embracing green awareness means employing technology that strives for eco-friendliness without affecting the comfort and the quality of the cruising experience. Benetti not only celebrates consciousness but also promotes hope for a greener future, for example by supporting organizations that promulgate the realization of marine reserves and provide innovative solutions to the problem of overfishing. We are tied to the ocean. Let’s seal the pact.


Benetti is one of the anchor partners of the Water Revolution Foundation, the first independent non-profit organization established by the key players of the yachting industry. Its mission is to boost the rise of sustainability through initiatives for innovation, cooperation, and for the development of technologies, both in construction and refit phase, which can optimize our impact on Nature and contribute to the world’s ocean conservation.


Benetti not only celebrates consciousness but also promotes hope for an eco-friendlier future by supporting organizations that promulgate the creation of marine reserves and provide innovative solutions to overfishing, like the UK-based charity Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE). When buying a Benetti yacht, you can donate a percentage of the contract price to Blue Marine Foundation, or you can give an annual donation for every thousand miles sailed.

United To Protect The Sea

Benetti loves the sea and has therefore always been sensitive to its health and supportive of any initiative aiming to protect it. That’s why we have joined forces with Blue Marine Foundation to help clean the water and protect the marine ecosystem of the Mediterranean Sea. Its extraordinary biodiversity – made of an estimated 10,000 marine species – is in grave danger, threatened by pollution, climate change and overfishing. With Benetti’s help, BLUE aims to create a network of effective marine protected areas – from Menorca, the Aeolian Islands and Croatia to Turkey and Greece – which promote sustainable, artisanal and small-scale fisheries while allowing stocks to recover.

Working To Protect Our Ocean

Blue Marine Foundation is a charity dedicated to restoring the ocean to health by addressing overfishing, one of the world’s biggest environmental problems. BLUE’s vision is a healthy ocean forever, for everyone and is dedicated to creating marine reserves, restoring vital habitats and establishing models of sustainable fishing.  BLUE’s mission is to see 30 per cent of the world’s ocean under effective protection by 2030. To read more about BLUE’s work, see their 2019 Review.