From May 10 to 13, Benetti will be taking three exclusive yachts to the event held in Tuscany: a Fast 125’, a Delfino 95’ and a Classic Supreme 132’. The main features of the 2018 event include a virtual reality project to simulate the Rolls-Royce Azipull propulsion system and the chance to visit the shipyard’s Viareggio facilities.

The M/Y “Lejos³” is the fourth yacht built in the highly successful Fast 125’ category, of which a remarkable six units have been delivered since 2015. A key feature of the model is the Azipull propulsion system, created in partnership with Rolls-Royce specifically for Fast 125’ yachts, which visitors will be able to put to the test with the help of an exclusive virtual reality experience. The 38.1m long, 8.23m wide yacht has four decks, with sleek, sporty exterior lines designed by Stefano Righini and interiors created by design studio RWD.

The M/Y “Uriamir” is the second unit in the Delfino 95’ category, with a length of almost 28 meters and a beam of 7. The exterior lines, which feature extensive glazed surfaces, are designed by Giorgio M. Cassetta, with a sleek and speedy fiberglass hull and a carbon fiber superstructure. “Uriamir” stands out for its peerless comfort and amazing livability, with interiors in which light-coloured materials are mixed with dark-coloured varieties of wood, like marble with tay and tanganika wood in polished and matt versions. “Uriamir” will be handed over to its owner immediately after the end of the event in Tuscany.

Three units have been delivered so far of the Delfino 95’ model. Created for a specific niche market, it represents an evolution of the Delfino 93’ that has aroused so much interest from owners all over the world, with a remarkable 14 units delivered in the period from 2010 to 2016.

The third boat at the event will be a Classic Supreme 132’. This 40-meter super yacht has various original details, like the rotating pilot wings that retract into the gunwale, running lights integrated with the exterior styling to give the boat sleeker contours and a more contemporary appeal, the Jacuzzi on the Upper Deck in the bow and, finally, the exterior aerial stairways. The yacht is equipped with innovative technology, including the Best – Benetti’s Exclusive Sea Technology platform that integrates all electronic equipment and on-board systems into the same user-friendly interface, while the Integrated Bridge system interfaces all the navigation and communication instrumentation. The interiors of this yacht will be curated by Pratesi, which has been creating high quality collections of bed linen, towels and table linen for over 100 years.

Benetti CEO Vincenzo Poerio, who is also president of the body that organises the Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous, Distretto della Nautica e della Portualità Toscana, said: “We are very proud to be part of this event, which represents a unique opportunity for our shipyard to showcase some of most representative yachts it has built in recent years”.

At the show, visitors will also be able to tour the shipyard’s Viareggio production facilities, where Benetti, exclusive owner services provider Yachtique, and leading refit company Lusben operate, and where some of the world’s biggest and most famous yachts are built, in an initiative that confirms the importance invested by Benetti in its ties with the local area, an approach that has always represented a cornerstone of the company’s business culture.