Held yesterday in Viareggio, the “Discover the House of Yachting” event was organized by Benetti for the more than 200 suppliers in the Tuscan shipyard’s value chain. The November 28 initiative at Principino Eventi was the first edition since 2018, with Benetti and its partners celebrating a year of extraordinary results and sharing opportunities for growth and future development.

The Tuscan shipyard has a full order book until 2027 and 23 launches planned for the season, with a positive knock-on effect for the company’s supply chain. Studies have shown, for example, that the construction of a 40 to 50-meter-long boat involves over seventy different crafts, many of them represented at the Viareggio event and among the best in the industry.

“Discover the House of Yachting” was organized not only as a celebration, but also as an opportunity to further consolidate the partnerships that proved so strategic last season, which was marked by global procurement issues that didn’t however act as a brake on Benetti thanks to the support of suppliers whose ties to the yard are based on relationships of value and trust.

“An order book reaching so far into the future allows us to take a long-term view of the work to perform and to define our production plan in advance and with confidence. This translates into efficient production management and the ability to draw up plans with suppliers, because we think it is essential to involve them in projects for the future and to continue to grow together,” explains Azimut|Benetti Group CEO Marco Valle.

To support future growth, the Group has devised a three-year investment plan totalling €130 million. The plan’s objectives, amongst other things, are to strengthen the production chain through process digitalization and to increase integration between partners and the company with a view to ongoing long-term collaboration.
“Almost all our supplier relationships are long-term and also involve multiple generations in family-run businesses. This is because we look for partners who share our values, and because we are chosen in part for what Benetti represents: quality, efficiency and commitment to the major issues of environmental and social sustainability,” said Benetti & Lusben Head of Procurement Davide Vernocchi at the end of the event.


Founded in 1873, Benetti was acquired by Paolo Vitelli in 1985 and is part of the Azimut|Benetti Group. The brand designs steel mega yachts from 37 to over 100 metres in length, as well as producing a range of super yachts in composite materials from 34 to 44 metres. Benetti operates out of the brand’s historic headquarters in Viareggio and the Livorno production unit, which today is the world’s largest active shipyard, with a total surface area of 215,000 square meters. The brand has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Dubai, Hong Kong and London. Symbolising timeless style and construction excellence, Benetti is rightly ranked as one of the world’s great mega yacht builders.